Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oh Where, Oh Where, Has My Motivation Gone?

Oh Where, Oh Where, Could It Be?
(Sung to the tune of Der Deitcher's Dog)

I haven't made that much progress. :-(  I truly expected to be done with Gwen's scarf by now. It will be spring by the time I finish this SCARFZILLA, which seems to be growing in size not only the way I intended, but sideways. I told Gwen it probably wouldn't be ready any time soon and she is such a kind and patient soul. Her response was, "Well that's OK it will be ready for next winter." She is such an awesome person.

Scarf or blanket? You decide.

We decided that the "official" size I will make a scarf now is 42 stitches with size 8 needles. You know life, the universe and all that jazz. Scarfzilla is, BY NO MEANS, 42 stitches. In fact I can't remember how many stitches I started out with. I think that may mean I am taking too long, or it could mean I didn't count them. Either way it is HUGE. I am going to be putting a lot more effort in to getting Scarfzilla done soon, so I can start something else. Oh, Yah, and so she can have the item I promised her so long ago.

I wanted you to see what she did get. Dearan made her a purse with the piece I "messed up". He used a little of the scrap from the dress he made my sister. All it needs now is a strap. :-)

Gwen's Purse

Close up of ceramic glazed button we got on clearance. YAY CLERANCE!

I love how it looks, but best of all Gwen loves how it looks. I am planning to pick up some leather strapping on Monday if I can squeeze it in between teaching a class and playing delivery girl for the last of our Girl Scout Cookies. OH, Yah I love me some Peanut Butter Patties. MMMmmmmmm. Really? No one else saw that bunny?

Another great deal I may not have needed. That is right you guessed it I got MORE yarn. Joann's sent out a coupon that read $5 off any purchase of $5 or more not including tax and items on sale. So I got a pack of REALLY nice yarn that was $5.49 for 53 cents. Come on I couldn't turn that down even if I didn't need more. It is made of silk and bamboo. It is SO soft and I am SO HAPPY. They sent one out for the next week as well so I have a total of 4.4 oz. Not sure how much that will make, but I am excited to try.

Sapphire. Ooohhh, Aaahhhh, MURmur murmur murmur

I SO need to try to figure out these labels. If I understand exactly what they mean I am sure I will be able to decide how much yarn to buy.  

I am excited because we are going to the fair tomorrow, wonder if I can knit on a ride? Hmmmmm... Something to think about and try to get away with.  0:-)

Follow your craft,


  1. What part of the label are you trying to figure out?

  2. Here, this will explain it better than I can, just download the file-

  3. Let me give you some motivation :) You won an Award! Pick it up at the link below and have fun posting ;)