Monday, February 27, 2012

A Short Trip!

The repetition of the same stitches is driving me crazy. I desperately want to learn some new stitches. A friend suggested that i just complete the pattern once or twice across and make a hair band. She said that way I wouldn't be committed to a huge project, but I get to try some new stitches. I think this is a great idea! I have already looked at some stitches that I want to try.

Basketweave Stitch

Inverness Diamonds

King Charles Brocade

Moss Stitch

Simple Stockinette Hearts


ZigZag Waves

As for Gwen's scarf I have been applying myself and Gwen commented today that it was a lot longer. I am getting excited to start something else.

Follow your craft,

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Like it, you will. Late, it is.

Ok, so this whole posting the winner of my contest on the 15th didn't work out so well. First because life got in the way and I am just now able to get it up. Second, because no one was able to figure out what the stamp is. The Green Man was a great guess because it is a green man. . . And the answer is Yoda.

I love how this stamp came out but, every time I look at the stamp I start singing the Weird Al song which has been in my head for weeks now. Since no one was able to get it, I will give a set of eight cards to all three people who took a guess.

What did I do with it you ask. I made a valentine for my dorky husband of course. Who loved it, by the way.

Now that the top secret project is over I am focusing on getting Gwen's scarf finished. Not that she has needed it much this year, but she is so excited to have a scarf made by Mommy. I wish I was making more progress, but it just seems that there are a billion things to do and not enough time.

Follow your craft,

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A quandary

I finished my top secret stamp at Austin's Coffee. It was kinda nice to be carving in a different location than my house. Then kids not running around yelling was a great help.

I had a quandary while at Austin's. I am, by far, no expert on the subject of the carving. One of the comics, Jiggy (go ahead Google him) made an announcement that we were in need of an expert. As it so happened amongst the waiting comics and eager audience an expert was located. His opinion was invaluable as he assisted me in perfecting my art or at least making it so I didn't have to make the decision.

It's not a rose, penis or anything to do with an apricot. Here is another piece. Please feel free to take another guess. 

Follow your craft,

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Top Secret Project!

After we, read as Sarah and Dave, were able to defeat the knot I could finally start knitting again. I was trying merge the new yarn from one of the yarn balls into Gwen's scarf from memory, but it didn't look tidy. It started to unravel and the tail was getting significantly shorter so I tied it off. I don't like the way it looks, but Gwen will probably never notice if I can weave it in.

I should have Googled how to do it again so I would know for sure, but it appears from this video that I did it correctly. I just needed to leave a longer tail so it wouldn't slip or hold on to it longer while knitting. So far in the last few days I have not made much progress but that is because I have been otherwise engaged.

I am working on a secret project. What's that you say, "Duh, I read the title!" Fine then I will just get to the picture.

Awesome isn't it? Eh not so much you say. Well, I can assure you if you were not getting the top secret censored version you would change your mind. Can you tell what it is? The first person who guesses correctly, will win a set of 8 cards with the image stamped on it. To enter leave a comment with your guess. On the 15th I will reveal the rest of the picture and what I am doing with the stamp.

Follow your craft,

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Inner Cat

So this knot is maniacal and was also winning. I have tried to defeat it several times, in the last few days, without much success. Sarah tried with more favorable results, but this knot was resolutely laughing in our faces. Last night there was a glorious breakthrough! Sarah and Dave worked together channeling their inner cats.

The inner cat has the power to create and dissolve knots as well as become extremely distracted at a moments notice.

 They were able to free my knitting project from the mess I had created. I think the true turning point was when Dave threatened to eat the yarn...

Oh and we cut it and made two balls. Thought I would share our silliness.

It is interesting how I let this knot stop everything else I was planning. Have you ever had a snag in a project consume way more time than it should have or completely stop you from doing anything else?

Follow your craft,

Saturday, February 4, 2012

What Resolution?

So now that January is over I can finally get a handle on resolutions, new years or otherwise.

The dictionary defines resolutions as "A firm decision to do or not do something."

I hate pressure and I hate doing things just because others are doing them. Not that I would let a horde of people keep me from doing something. Witness, my sick obsession with Black Friday Shopping, but I digress. So here I am on the 4th of February still thinking about the resolutions people blurted out drunk a month ago and have already broken.

Last year I made the resolution to learn to knit and write about my progress. As you can see I was not successful with the posting about my progress. However, I was able to learn to knit and learning to read the patterns was by far the hardest part for me. So on to my resolution. I resolve to make things and to write. When I do these two things my days are brighter and I feel more complete.

What have I been up to in January? Knitting and stamp carving, they go together like peas and carrots. I have been working on knitting another scarf, abandoning Scarfzilla for the time being. The new scarf was looking great until the yarn broke.

Of course the reason the yarn broke is I didn't wind it into a ball and tried to knit out of the center. By the way, never do this. What you will get it a HUGE knot. This is the knot partially defeated.

As for the stamping, I forgot to take a picture of the stamps before I gave them away as gifts. I used them to make a site token for an event for a Renaissance/Medieval recreation group I participate in. 

The Great Turtle Side

 The Merc side

Also, Rowan wanted to share his book mark.

Follow your craft,