Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Inner Cat

So this knot is maniacal and was also winning. I have tried to defeat it several times, in the last few days, without much success. Sarah tried with more favorable results, but this knot was resolutely laughing in our faces. Last night there was a glorious breakthrough! Sarah and Dave worked together channeling their inner cats.

The inner cat has the power to create and dissolve knots as well as become extremely distracted at a moments notice.

 They were able to free my knitting project from the mess I had created. I think the true turning point was when Dave threatened to eat the yarn...

Oh and we cut it and made two balls. Thought I would share our silliness.

It is interesting how I let this knot stop everything else I was planning. Have you ever had a snag in a project consume way more time than it should have or completely stop you from doing anything else?

Follow your craft,


  1. LOVE IT! :D I was needing another smile right now. Fun post and yes ohhhh yes I have hit 'knots' both physical and figurative in projects. Maybe with the next one I'll try Dave's tactic and threaten to eat it :D

    1. Don't just threaten, go ahead and take a bite out of it. LOL

  2. I missed this before, now Elise's munchkin related comment about inner kitty makes SO much more sense.

    The most major mishap I had was upending an ENTIRE box of seed beads all over the floor. We had to spend several hours picking them up, sweeping them up and resorting them only to have one of the actual cats jump up on the coffee table and knock them over again. He was then an outside kitty ;)

    1. What a pain in the butt. Perhaps the kitty was trying to teach you patients.