Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Like it, you will. Late, it is.

Ok, so this whole posting the winner of my contest on the 15th didn't work out so well. First because life got in the way and I am just now able to get it up. Second, because no one was able to figure out what the stamp is. The Green Man was a great guess because it is a green man. . . And the answer is Yoda.

I love how this stamp came out but, every time I look at the stamp I start singing the Weird Al song which has been in my head for weeks now. Since no one was able to get it, I will give a set of eight cards to all three people who took a guess.

What did I do with it you ask. I made a valentine for my dorky husband of course. Who loved it, by the way.

Now that the top secret project is over I am focusing on getting Gwen's scarf finished. Not that she has needed it much this year, but she is so excited to have a scarf made by Mommy. I wish I was making more progress, but it just seems that there are a billion things to do and not enough time.

Follow your craft,


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