Saturday, February 11, 2012

Top Secret Project!

After we, read as Sarah and Dave, were able to defeat the knot I could finally start knitting again. I was trying merge the new yarn from one of the yarn balls into Gwen's scarf from memory, but it didn't look tidy. It started to unravel and the tail was getting significantly shorter so I tied it off. I don't like the way it looks, but Gwen will probably never notice if I can weave it in.

I should have Googled how to do it again so I would know for sure, but it appears from this video that I did it correctly. I just needed to leave a longer tail so it wouldn't slip or hold on to it longer while knitting. So far in the last few days I have not made much progress but that is because I have been otherwise engaged.

I am working on a secret project. What's that you say, "Duh, I read the title!" Fine then I will just get to the picture.

Awesome isn't it? Eh not so much you say. Well, I can assure you if you were not getting the top secret censored version you would change your mind. Can you tell what it is? The first person who guesses correctly, will win a set of 8 cards with the image stamped on it. To enter leave a comment with your guess. On the 15th I will reveal the rest of the picture and what I am doing with the stamp.

Follow your craft,


  1. ooo The scarf is lovely I love the color. You'll be able to blend that in you master weaver you LOL. The stamp..... things that make ya go hmmmm... is it a rose?

  2. Well, knowing you.....a penis? oh, I know, boobies! Hee hee....

  3. I think it is an apricot branch