Monday, April 9, 2012

G is for Gaming

Gaming and crafting fight for me. This epic battle rages constantly. Both sides are dueling to win my time, effort and favor. We have already established I am a fickle crafter who flits from one  project to the next and the allure of a game is strong. To me there is something irresistible surrounding a mage who is about to level up or a quest near completion. Just 20 more minuets can effortlessly turn into hours.

That's all I have. The post just evaporated as I was writing it and now I am stick until I post this. So apparently G was for showing my geek card for no reason, but don't worry I made it myself.

Follow your craft,


  1. What do you play Michelle? I played WoW for 4 years, Rift for a year and now I'm 2 months into SWTOR.

  2. I play games on Facebook, which are fun. I scaled down by A LOT though, over the past 2 years. At one point I was playing about 30 of them regularly. Now it's down to 5 or 6.