Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J is for Jenga With A Twist

Not only do I craft, but it runs in the family. My Mom pours and paints ceramics and plaster. My Grandmother was an amazing Bob Ross style painter, happy little trees and all.

Now I can hear you asking what does this have to do with Jenga and where the heck is my twist. Hold on, I am getting to it. My sister is the most amazing of us all. She created Drunken Jenga. It's played like Jenga, but there are things written on each block. When you pull out a block you read it and who ever it applies to has to do what it says. They say things like: If you're a red head, take a shot and If you sweat next to the air conditioner, take a shot. I have only had the privilege of playing a few times, but can tell you it is the best craft ever and my favorite drinking game.

I can't make the pic go the right way. even though it is correct in every other thing I pull it up on.

J is also for Joy In Crafting

Crafting of any kind makes me very happy. Which is why I do it as often as possible. It is like a moving meditation for me. My favorite part is figuring out something new. I love trying a new stitch or carving a design with finer lines and more detail. I like designing a pretty card, then figuring out how to make an assembly line that will duplicate it quickly and efficiently. Of course that is usually where I loose interest and move on to the next project.

Follow your craft,


  1. Drunken Jenga that's great :) Crafting is a kind of meditation it's relaxing and fulfilling when you finish a creation :)

  2. This is great! A Jenga set like this would make a great gift for a 21st birthday! Not that I am encouraging drinking and drunken cavorting!

  3. I loved watching the Bob Ross painting on PBS. Even better, I enjoyed the spoof skit on 'Almost Live!' where 'Bob Ross' also painted 'happy little co-eds' into his paintings. It was a scream.

  4. I had a Jenga picture too, but we've never thought of drunken jenga. Sounds potentially hilarious.