Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Great Deal And A 37 Pound Monkey

We went to Joann's to get some green yarn because Rowan really wanted a green Crochetie. (Anyone come up with a better name?) I am going to have to make another one.  :-/  I was really hoping to avoid this, but he really loves it. While I was there they had a bunch of wool yarn on clearance at 50% off. I also had a 20% off your whole order coupon so I only payed 2.38 for 3.5 oz of wool yarn. I think it was a good deal. I am not sure I would have bought the colors if there were other choices, but they aren't hideous. They feel so soft and cozy.

 I was knitting too tight. So a friend recommended that I use a larger needle to cast on then knit as usual and that should give me the room I need so I am not struggling so much to get the needle in the stitch. It seems to be working, but it is so loose and looks sloppy. Of course it could be that I need more practice. I am going to finish and see how it turns out. 

I haven't gotten very far because knitting with an adorable 37 pound monkey on your chest isn't very easy.

Kinda looks like he is falling off, but he didn't

How did I end up knitting with a monkey? When we got home I wanted to get a little knitting done. I am not sure what I am making, but I won't let that stop me. Rowan was really tired, but didn't want to go to bed so asked me to hold him. Since he is usually running like crazy and trying to hack stuff with his foam swords and then is disappointed when only the sword breaks, this was a nice change. I am sitting there when he drifted off to sleep and I was done looking at how cute he was, I wondered if I could knit with him there. I was successful, but I kept tickling his ear with my yarn and he would wiggle and knock stitches off the needle. Oh well, if that is the worst thing that happened in a day, then it was a good day.

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