Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NO, Yes, Kinda

So have you broken your New Years Resolution already? (Looking straight at you) NO! (Then hangs head) Yes. (Then looking up and cocking an eyebrow) Maybe. So there is a little yes and a little no in my answer and a whole lot of maybe. I have been knitting, but it seems that the Fates, my deceased Grandmother and or a toddler with scissors is plotting against me EVER making something longer than 4 inches or so.

I am knitting using yarn I got from my mom who got it when her mom passed away. It is really nice and beautiful variegated colors. I am using this party fun with lots of colors in it. I was knitting and I reached the end of the yarn. Mind you this is what the yarn looks like now after LOTS more had been taken off of it.

I said oh well no big deal and just kinda weaved it in and went on. By the way I am not sure exactly what you are supposed to do in this situation, that is what I did. 

The next day I went out to the movies at a dine and watch type of theater with some great friends. Of course I brought the knitting, because that is what you do when you are going out with your friends right? Bring along your knitting. OK so maybe it is just me. I did refrain from knitting during the movie, War Games. Though it was bright enough in the theater that I sure could have. Come to think of it my friends would have probably appreciated it because I did seem to talk during most (They will tell you to read that as ALL) of the movie. I just couldn't help my self. I felt like I was in the middle of an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 with a bad movie and I needed to shout out my observations. I mean come on when the guy was crawling through the tunnels he so looked like he was someone on board The Enterprise trying to escape in a Jefferies Tube. Then the WOPR had to go and sound like the Warp Core when it is having problems. And yes I do think I may have been exposed to too much Star Trek in my youth. OK, that was a pretty bunny, but I am so far off track from my story.

After the movie we cleverly avoided the mob of people waiting to kick our butts, for talking so much of the movie, by hiding in the bathroom.Then went to Steak and Shake to catch up and just hang out. I brought my knitting box in and it took up a large part of the table. I so need to get a knitting bag or basket or something with handles. If you are going to commit to taking a craft thing out on the town you might as well show it a good time. After we ordered I begin knitting at the table. At which point my dear and loving friends poke fun at me, mercilessly. Once all avenues of dork and getting old jokes had been explored one says she doesn't like knitting and the other is mesmerized by my hands. That so didn't come out right, but it is what it is. I am talking and knitting right along when I realize I have messed it up. OK, who said "Again"? I try in vane to fix it, but there was nothing I could do. I decided to cut a long tail and just sew up the sides and keep it, I have not idea why I am keeping it. So I said to myself, "Self maybe you are having so many problems because you don't have a clear goal." I have been told that If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.

So I cast on again and this time I decide to make a scarf for Gwen, because she really wants one. I knit at Steak and Shake, then I knit at home, then I knit some more in the park with other friends while the kids practiced. One of Gwen's friends really liked her Knittie. I told this sweet child, who did not make fun of me for knitting, that I would make her one as soon as I was done making Gwen's scarf. We get home after a very busy day and I am sitting in my comfy chair knitting when I realize I am no longer attached to the ball of yarn. All together now, "AGAIN". So I took out a needle, because I thought it would be easier than the twisty tie, and ran elastic through the open stitches on the needle and made another Knittie. Who hoo at least one person will be happy with me when I see them this week. I will let you know how she liked it.  

End forcing the Knittie. BOOOOO

A quick up do to test it

Now I find myself right back where I started a few days before starting over on Gwen's scarf. I had her choose out of the wool we got on clearance. She chose a steel blue with a lighter blue twisted in. It is very pretty and I am SURE there are no loose ends in the ball so if it runs out again I will begin hunting down the toddler with the scissors.

Speaking of the toddler with the scissors. I don't know how many of you know this, but wrapping a ball of yarn is very hard when a toddler is in the room. Rowan thought it was awesome and wanted to help. When the ball was all done he wanted to bounce it and was very offended that I wouldn't let him play with the ball "WE" made.

Gwen's scarf so far.


As you can clearly see I have been a busy little bee knitting, though getting almost no where, but where I have failed is bringing this wonderful story (read as these inane ramblings) to you in all it's pictorial glory. So to recap: knitting, check; blogging, fail. Well, at least it wasn't an epic fail.

Follow your craft,

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