Friday, January 7, 2011

I Wanna Learn How To Knit, Ooh Look - A Bunny!

It is January 7th and I have already been distracted from my new years goal to learn to knit. What could distract me you ask. My 3 year old son is jealous of my daughters Knitie (still working on the name) and wants one. Of course he doesn't have enough hair for something like that so I thought I would knit or crochet around a hair band and see if that would be good enough.

I turn to Google and it didn't let me down. I found an eHow
video on Crocheting a hair Scrunchi. We will call this one the Crochetie, rhymes with machete. OK, that name needs even more help than the Knitie. Anyway, I watch the video and think GREAT I can SO do that. Very soon after I start I realize I was totally wrong. I did exactly what she was doing on a hair tie we had laying around and it kept leaving a huge loop where it was supposed to be close and flat.

 The yarn he chose was NOT sliding well and if felt all plastic and weird and gross might I add. So I found another yarn hoping that was the problem and not operator error. When I started again it was the same. I started pulling the knots tight with my hand. It looked very nice, but was very slow going putting down the hook to tighten every stitch by hand. So I just didn't pick it back up and started doing the whole thing by hand. It was much faster and the finished product looks like hers, except my stitches aren't as regular.



 I was so bummed that it wasn't as easy as it looked in her video and am thinking she may be related to wonder woman because no matter how hard or carefully I pulled on that knot using the hook it still didn't sit right. Oh well it is done and I think he will like it. Hopefully I won't have to make him a knitie, but you never know. Oh, I just had an even worse thought. What if she wants a Crochetie? *CRINGE*

So what about the bunny that I promised. Sorry to disappoint you there is no real bunny. Yes, I know, very sad.

Follow your craft,

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